Doctors Offer Exciting New Technology to Reclaim Your Body

With a busy practice and even busier households, both Dr. Cheryl Lynn Rudy and her business partner/hanai sister Dr. Cheryl Leialoha of Hawai‘i Women’s Healthcare have personally experienced the challenges of what many of their own patients go through to live a balanced life. With their kids approaching their early teen years, these physicians are finally taking their own advice and putting some of their focus back on themselves and taking care of themselves. Dr. Rudy writes about an exciting new service being offered at Hawai‘i Women Healthcare that she and Dr. Leialoha can personally attest to.

Like our patients, we too, wanted to reclaim the body we had prior to having children. But despite exercising and healthy eating habits, there were still certain areas of stubborn fat that pregnancy and aging brings. This change in our body can make us feel uncomfortable in our clothes and unsatisfied with our physical appearance. As a doctor myself going through these physical changes over the years, I have looked for ways to help me with this. I practiced what I preached and, for the most part, exercised regularly and tried to eat healthy. I still found myself wearing Spanx to help me look and feel better in my clothes, even though it was hot and uncomfortable, or wearing clothes that I felt did not make me feel or look my best.

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Then we learned about Sculpsure. It’s a new laser technology that offers a non-invasive laser procedure that destroys fat cells. Both Dr. Leialoha and I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about this technology and to bring it to our patients.